Getting orthodontic treatment is a major investment in oral health and esthetics. It’s therefore imperative  that you trust this important decision to the most qualified professionals. With the majority of dental offices advertising and marketing terms such as ” ortho-dentist”, ” Limited to orthodontics” and ” foreign trained specialist in orthodontics”, it’s becoming ever so confusing to determine the level of qualification claimed by dentists.

Certified orthodontists have 2 to 3 years of extra full time study after they become dentists. Many certified orthodontists also hold Fellowships, Masters, and PhD’s in clinical orthodontics, making their exposure, education, and experience extremely crucial when diagnosing, planning, and performing orthodontics.

It’s very important to ask questions when choosing the right professionals to perform your treatment.  Ask if the professional is a certified specialist in Canada, if they seek help of specialists with cases, and who is doing their own children’s orthodontic treatment.

You want to do this once, and you want to do it right. Trust the making of your life-long smile to a certified specialist in orthodontics.

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