When should I bring my child to see the Orthodontist? 

It’s highly recommended that a child see an orthodontist at 7 to 8 years of age. This doesn’t mean that treatment will start at this age. The purpose of this visit would be to determine if early treatment is necessary. In fact, most orthodontic treatments would actually start in early teen years but there are certain cases when the child can benefit from earlier treatment options. For example, front teeth that stick out too much at age 7 and 8 may be more prone to fracture in case of an accidental fall. They can also cause social anxiety to the child. Habits such as finger sucking can also cause damage to the jaws if left unobserved. Many other conditions such as narrow jaws can also benefit from an early treatment. If you have a concern, call our office for a complimentary initial consultation. We will be happy to discuss with you if treatment is necessary at this age.

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